We are a Sending Centre.
One Church Perth has & does send people into all corners of the City, Nation and World, to represent our amazing God on a daily basis. According to Jesus’ great command in Matthew 28:18-20, every one of His followers is a missionary. Whether we travel across the Globe, across the nation, across the street or across the room, we are missionaries wherever we go.



i60 Community Services is the community services arm of One Church Perth. One Church has a desire to effectively bring positive change to our community and i60 Community Services is the outworking of and vehicle for this goal.

i60 Community Services is a separately incorporated non-profit organisation that exists to bring light into the dark places of life through a range of ground-breaking community service programs and initiatives.

i60 Community Services runs a range community based and empowering programs and courses. These include One Surf School, Paddle Gym, Friend in Need, Brighton Moonlight Markets, and Healthy Relationship Courses.

For more information about i60 Community Services please visit them online –


ONE CHURCH PERTH supports HOPE WA to start the journey towards 24/7 prayer and worship by meeting on SATURDAY NIGHTS from 6pm – 10pm at different churches and locations around the city.

The evenings include opportunities for silent and individual prayer, corporate prayer, creative expression and corporate worship throughout the four hours.  Prayer stations are set up around the room to help engage in prayer in creative and targeted ways.  We even have a specific station for children, so bring them along and let them join us in experiencing God’s presence together!

HOPE WA exist for:

The Christian community including every:
– Denomination

– Generation
– Nation

Worshipping and Praying Together Continuously:
– Exalting Jesus as Lord over our city, state and nation

– A catalyst for connecting the Church in seeking God
– Providing a place and opportunity for every Christian to come at any time to worship, pray and seek God’s heart
– 24/7 day and night offering of prayer and praise for the church, our city, state, and the nations
– Communicating the revelation received in the HOP to the church in Perth through various means
– Contending for righteousness, justice and truth to prevail

The Transformation of the City, State and Beyond:
– The Church united to reveal Jesus to the world to the Glory of God (Jn 17)

– The Church in Perth fulfilling its mandate to be an Antioch City (Acts 13: worshipping, praying, fasting, sending)
– The City shining as a Light to the World (Perth the City of Light)

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Gordon’s Bay, South Africa

Gordon’s Bay is a community just outside of Cape Town in South Africa. Blessed with incredible natural beauty and opportunity, it also is a region that presents many challenges.

Pastored by Ps Johann Roelofse is pioneering a new wineskin ministry that aims to hit at the crossroads between the well-off suburbs of the picturesque cape and the desperate township refugees and immigrants to Africa’s rainbow nation.

Ps Denzyl and Rose carry a strong evangelistic anointing and this is seen in the 14 nationalities that presently belong to One Church Gordon’s Bay.


One Church Perth’s missions giving programme is focused upon supporting these two churches, in addition to other local works in our own local community. The last Sunday service each month at One Church Perth, we receive a special offering for the work of our missions works and relationships. This is an important and practical way we all partner together in the far reaching work of the kingdom.

Temperance Town, South Africa

10 Years ago, God spoke these words to the late Ps Denzyl Botha (Founding Pastor of Gordon’s Bay Baptist Church (now One Church Gordon’s Bay and Door of Hope Church) about the region in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa:

“There I will give back her vineyards to her and transform her Valley of Troubles into a Door of Hope. She will respond to me there, singing with joy as in days long ago in her youth after I had freed her from captivity in Egypt.” – Hosea 2:15 (TLB)

Temperance Town is a village nestled at the foot of the majestic mountains surrounding Gordon’s Bay, that began as a missionary outreach aimed at releasing the wine farm workers from the terrible consequences of being paid in wine for their labours. For a while, there was great success in the improvements to the lives of these farmhands and their families. But in recent years, the villagers in Temperance Town once again fell prey to a lifestyle of alcoholism, addiction, abuse and systemic poverty. But God’s amazing restoration plan for this region was not entirely finished yet…

The team from One Church Perth heard the story of Temperance Town, saw the desperate need in the village and together in partnership with Gordon’s Bay Baptist Church, sought a way to advance God’s restoration plan in Temperance Town, by starting a church and an after school care and feeding program.We began serving the children of Temperance Town, by providing them with a safe place to come and be fed three meals per day, be helped with homework, and be taught about the hope found in Jesus. Temperance Town After Care was birthed out of this service, and now feeds 80 children 3 meals a day, every day of the week.

The lives of these children have been forever changed, and the academic performance improvements, speak volumes about the effectiveness of this ministry. Under the fearless and inspiring leadership of Ps Yvonne Mangia, the Door of Hope Church began by ministering to the children and the adults of Temperance Town. This new church is a powerhouse of prayer, evangelism and worship, that is shining light in the village. Many lives have been dramatically saved, healed, delivered, restored and set free by the power of Jesus Christ, through His church in Temperance Town! One Church Perth sends a mission team to Temperance Town every year, to encourage, minister, serve and build up the churches in this region. We financially assist the after care and feeding program to the children. One Church Door of Hope is a partner church to One Church Perth.